Paid Typing Programs

Now you may think that these programs send you some kind of audio or something along that line and want you to transcribe it to typed format. Or you may think that these programs are some kind of data entry position. Wrong. These are nothing but scams that tell you to post ads and get paid for the responses to those ads.

They charge you anywhere form $25-$70 to get set up and guess what? They already have your money so from then on you’re pretty much at their mercy (and they have none). Problem is that they are very restrictive on where you place the ads and the ads have to be "approved" by the company as well. Just how many ads do you think get approved?

Either that or they just tell you how to place PPC ads on Google, Yahoo, or Bing (MSN) and you are responsible for getting paid “for typing” the ads in. 

They have found tons of ways to get out of paying for your work and if you make a buck a day for 8 hours work I’d be very surprised and would really like to hear about it! Just stay away from these things. I have not found one (out of the 50 or so I’ve looked at) that is legit!

The fact that they advertise this as a type from home program and not an ad placing program should tell you to pass on these. Anytime a program misrepresents itself or makes a list a mile long of what it *isn’t* without telling you exactly what it is, just turn around and run, don’t walk, away!

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