Mystery Shopper

Notice a trend here? Yes, the previous items in my list all have something in common. They just sound so down right easy! After all you can do any of these things right? Anyone can! And the fact that they say they are going to pay you insane amounts of money to do something anyone can do should give you a clue that they might not be on the level.

OK, on to the infamous Mystery Shopper scam. This is not really an Internet scam because I’ve seen it advertised in the back of magazines and newspapers but I included it here because I’ve seen it also advertised more and more on the Internet lately.

Beware! 99% of these are scams! It’s so easy today to set up a website and promote anything you want. I could easily set one up to promote a mystery shopper membership site in as little as an afternoon.

I could bid on some Google Adwords to drive some targeted traffic to it overnight and I could charge $25-$69 to supply my new "customers" with a list of outdated and non-existent businesses that pay for them to shop.

Then when I’ve gotten so many complaints that I just can’t live with myself anymore I’d take the site down (notice I didn’t mention anything about refunding any sign-up fees) and create another one under a different domain name tomorrow and start all over again.

This is the way that 99% of these things work! There are a few companies out there that really do provide this service and it can be fun but not exactly lucrative.

For one thing, if you are in a small town, chances are you’re not going to get an assignment anywhere nearby. This means travel expenses. A lot of times you are paid in merchandise, or in the case of restaurants you get your meal paid for and nothing else. Then you are expected to report back on your experience.

If you are in a large city you may think there are a lot more assignments. You are correct! But there are also a lot more people doing it so you may go a month at a time before getting an assignment. If you really want to pursue this one, because I have to admit, it can be fun, you need to be super careful about the company you select.

I have only found three companies (although I’m sure there are a few more) that I would even consider recommending and I’ll list them here. I’m even hesitant about recommending these because there are better ways to make money on the Internet.

But for those of you that find doing business on the Internet too complicated even after checking out what the Internet marketing Center has to offer, these might be for you.

Shopping Jobs

Shop Until You Drop

Get Paid 2

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