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This used to be advertised much more as a way to work from home but it has lost favor lately. Probably because people have finally caught on. Or more likely it was hard to make it sound easy so it was a bit harder to sell than most scams.

Either way, it’s still not completely gone (though I wish it was), so I thought I’d mention it here for those that haven’t tried this one.

Unlike some of the other scams I list here, this is a real job opportunity and can pay fairly well, but you will never get rich off of it. This is more like a real job, and like a real job you normally have to apply and be accepted. This means you will have to have not only experience in writing, I’d never qualify if you have noticed already :), and you are expected to be somewhat of an expert in the field or fields that you would be writing about.

This would include a resume with prior works and/or references. But like I said, this is a legitimate job and does offer the flexibility of working from home and choosing your own hours. Just don’t expect to be working full time and don’t expect to make more than about $10 per hour when you can find work.

So why is this even on this scam page? Here’s why. There are companies/people out there that will actually charge you to give you instructions on how to go about landing one of these "dream" jobs. They’ll even give you listings of companies that purchase articles and short stories. This will cost you anywhere from $29-$197.

In reality, they have given you nothing you couldn’t have discovered yourself with one little Google Search for "Freelance Writers wanted". I just did that search and came up with 44,700 links to sites that matched on the exact phrase.

If I take the quotes off (fuzzy search), I get 3,920,000. I really don’t think you need to pay someone to send you a list of companies looking for freelance writers. Don’t do it! If you need a list that badly and you can’t seem to figure out how Google works, send $20 to my PayPal account and I’d be happy to send you a list! 🙂

Until next time, to your success!
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