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I have not ran into one of these things that aren’t at least semi-shady. For one thing, if you really want a government grant the information is all over the Internet and is free!!! Get off your lazy butt and type "government grant" into Google and see what you find (ignoring all the programs I’m talking about here of course).

These companies make it sound so easy to get a grant that you’re expecting to pocket $25,000 in the next month! Believe me when I tell you it’s not that easy. I wrote government grant proposals for a company I worked for and it takes time and qualifications to get them. It’s true, the government does give away tons of money a year, but it’s also true that your chances of getting any of it are pretty slim unless you have something they want!

I wanted to warn my readers of such programs and bought a package a few years ago. It was crap. Using the material they sent (just two small booklets) there was no way someone inexperienced with grants could get one. One booklet was devoted to showing you how to apply and the other just listed sources for government grants all of which is information easily obtained online. So there was $29.95 I could have just as easily went out to dinner on and still knew as much as I did before I got them.

But always wanting to believe in the best in people, I was offered a "free" CD on a website a while back that tells you that you can get government grants easily (just like always right?) and that you only have to pay the shipping on the CD to get it for "free".

So I did, and while most people won’t bother to read the fine print on the order page I did. Guess what? By entering you credit card/bank account information you are agreeing to a membership on their site to the tune of ~$30 bucks a month! But I figured that I was going to cancel anyway before I ever got charged the $30 so I went ahead and filled out the form. I had 2 weeks to cancel so no problem right?

Well I’m a busy guy and pretty much forgot about the whole thing until I finally received the CD three weeks later! So I had already been charged! Then I reviewed the CD and the website so I could post this information and guess what? This CD looked exactly like a rehash of the two booklets I purchased years ago! I’m serious…. I still had the booklets in my library (I never throw anything away) and some of the information was exactly the same word-for-word! Some had been updated and there was a little more new information but for the most part all they did was recreate those booklets in an online form and continued ripping people off! They even show their "helpful" staff in a group picture. These are the people that will help you obtain your grant.

Guess what again? It isn’t going to happen unless you qualify.

For now… if you really think you qualify for a government grant, start by searching Google and do your homework. Not only will it improve your chances of getting a grant (you’ll probably know more about it in a week than they know now), you’ll be much better equipped to answer the questions the grantee will have for you.

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Until next time, to your success!

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