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As with the free-to-join programs, membership sites are a mixed bag of very few legitimate sites along with a ton of sites that are designed to do nothing but collect your money each and every month.

The worst ones are nearly impossible to cancel sometimes taking 3-4 months before they finally stop charging your credit card or stop debiting your bank account.

The legitimate sites are usually easy to spot. They will tell you exactly what they are and how they work before you even have to sign up. If a membership site has true value they will retain their membership base because of the fact that their members are getting something for their membership fee and will want to continue to do so.

Many (only the best) will offer a free one month trial so you can see the benefit of being a member before you have to a cent. Most of the good ones are also very reasonable in the 10-30 dollar a month range. Some will offer services that are more than worth the monthly fee such as free auto-responders, redirect services, ad trackers, and sometimes even web hosting and other services.

There are a few legitimate membership sites that don’t offer these things but can still be of great value. One in particular that I belonged to 3-4 years ago did nothing but document everything the site operator was doing to make money online. He’d start a new campaign every week and go into great detail of how he put it together, how he promoted it, and what the results were so far. This was very valuable information at $9.99 a month!

He would actually list the forms of advertisement he used along with the results from that advertising! This included bulk and solo ads in newsletters, banners (pay-per-click wasn’t around yet), emails to various lists, and  other forms of traffic generation. This information alone saved me lots of money per month! Much more than the reasonable monthly membership fee.

Now on to the ones that you definitely need to watch out for. I have also belonged to some membership sites that were not very good. One I signed up for in early 2006 was one of the biggest scams I have ever seen. It had a monthly membership fee of $47 with a OTO (one time offer) that told you in order to make big bucks you needed to upgrade right away to the $97 monthly fee.

The sales material was so good that even I in my jaded and suspicious frame of mind bought into it hook like and sinker. To top it off they only showed you a months worth of their so-called "training" at a time because, according to them" they didn’t want to overwhelm you. Bull Sh*t! All they wanted you to do was to promote the same program to other unsuspecting opportunity seekers and they would pretty much split the monthly fees with you!

I stuck with it for three months because the training material always just kept you guessing what was coming the next month only to find out that guessing is all you’d be doing. So after three months I went to cancel my membership (something that was guaranteed to be easy) only to find out that there was nowhere on the site to contact anyone.

So I did what I thought was the next best thing, I tried to get it canceled through the payment processor they were using and thought (after a month of going back and forth with them) that I was finally out from under this terrible program. Until the next month rolled around and I found another change on my credit card!

I contacted them again and was told that all I did was cancel my membership on the site, if I wanted them to stop charging me I’d have to get a hold of the site operator. I explained that I couldn’t find that information on the site and since now they had canceled my membership I couldn’t even log onto the site to look again! They gave me a web address where I could submit a support ticket which I did.

After two more months of back and forth BS I finally was not being charged anymore. I asked for a refund for the two months that I couldn’t even access the site but was informed that I wasn’t qualified for a refund! Is that crazy or what????

Be very careful when signing up for membership sites. I wasn’t going to mention any names but this one needs to be exposed because I’m not the only one hurt by them…. well, I guess I probably shouldn’t list the name here because he really isn’t doing anything illegal but I will tell you that the push is that you can make $1057.50 for practically doing nothing. And on the sales page there is a bank statement showing and incredible $114,186.33 for a month’s worth of sales!

Unbelievable? Of course it is… unless it’s his bank statement for duping in unsuspecting people like me! 🙂 Then it goes on to say "Would $114,183.33 a month do the trick for you?" Of course it would! But you’re not going to get it here!

Oh and before I forget…. right at the top of the page it says this is a very limited time offer… sure… I signed up in early 2006 and as I write this it is Late November 2009 and the offer is still floating around out there…. I wonder what he means by limited time offer??? Never buy anything online from someone who is misleading in their sales page.

One other thing… if you read the entire page you’ll notice a section devoted to What this program is not! RED FLAG!!!!! But like I said… this sales copy is so enticing and written so well that even I had to know what this one was all about. Now I do… and now you do too…. but it didn’t cost you nearly $600 to find out did it? 🙂

If you do run into a membership site that you are interested in, email the operator and ask for a free month to see if the site is a good fit for you. If the site has value and the operator is honest he will gladly work out some kind of arrangement for you to preview the site.

If nothing else he will at least give a detailed description of what the site has to offer and let you make up your mind from there. Plus you’ll know how to contact the guy/company and request a cancellation if you no longer want to be a member. You can get a great feel for who you’re dealing with after a couple personal emails. If he/she/they don’t have time to answer your emails then I’d move on to the next opportunity.

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Until next time, to your success!

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