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If you’ve been looking into marketing online I’m sure you’ve seen lots of variations on these.

Some have affiliate products for sale (with your affiliate links embedded in the page), others are just for Adsense revenue (which Google has already cracked down on!), and still others have a combination of the two.

Some are even going so far as to offer niche products. I can’t say that all of these operators are flaky but the majority are. Most are there just so you can get other people to buy the same site from you! Say one of the people that you sold one of these things to actually did some heavy promotion and got a couple sales from it. You wouldn’t get anything for it.

The site operators always make more money on these than you ever will. For one thing, some of the programs offered are affiliate or MLM programs that cost money to join. If you can afford to join all these programs you *may* be able to generate some kind of down-line from them.

But you are still joining all the programs under the site operator and he/she will get commissions on the fees your paying regardless if you make any sales or not. Most times these are monthly fees so you still have money going out with no return.

If you don’t join all the programs then the site operator puts his/her ID into the ads of the programs you don’t join and they will get credit for any sign-ups from traffic you have sent to the site. So it’s a no-win situation for you… either you pay to join all the programs and have the associated monthly costs with no guarantee

of return, or you only join what you can afford and possibly send more customers to the site operator for your hard traffic-driving work.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not down on the site operators, just the opposite, I think they are very savvy business people and have created great systems to generate money (for them!). Be as smart as they are and really look at what’s happening in these programs.

If you want to join one, by all means do. They do have some advantages over putting together you own site such as, no hosting fees, no web design fees, everything is already automated, etc…. but if you do join and promote one just be sure to go into it with open eyes and remember that in the end you are promoting someone else’s business.

At least if they were set up more like an affiliate program you *might* be able to make a little money if you can get enough people to buy their site from you. But it’s highly doubtful that anyone who buys the site will do anything with it anyway.

There are better ways to make money on the Internet. The only thing I could recommend these things for is to test your own idea of having a website devoted to selling affiliate programs and generating Adsense revenue.

You’ll see quickly how hard this actually is! My advice… steer clear… your promotional resources are better spent other places.

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Until next time, to your success!

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*links in my posts may be affiliate links, I may (or my not) get a commission if you purchase from these links

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