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Making a WordPress Post “Sticky”

Posted by Blog Meister

There are times when you’d rather not have a particular post “bleed” down and off the first page of your blog. You may have an offer that’s just too good to resist or you may even have a blog that is designed to do nothing but direct people to a particular offer. So you’ve written […]

This is a fair question. If you are blogging to make money you should at least know how much money can be expected. I mean, why do it if it’s not worth it to you? Right? But this is not an easy question to answer. It depends entirely on you. There are a lot of […]

Blog Marketing for Beginners

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Blogs have been around for a while but in the last few years have taken off for internet marketers in a big way. What is a blog? In case you’ve been living under a rock (just kidding), the word blog is short for “web log” which you can think of as an online diary. Most […]

When you are first starting out with a marketing blog it’s easy to be overwhelmed. But once you’ve got your feet wet things become much easier and fun! Like any other online marketing endeavor, blog marketing takes some work and self discipline. Where blogging differs is you have to be more consistent with your updates […]