There are times when you’d rather not have a particular post “bleed” down and off the first page of your blog. You may have an offer that’s just too good to resist or you may even have a blog that is designed to do nothing but direct people to a particular offer.

So you’ve written an excellent sales or review page type of post and you want that post to be the first thing your visitors see when they hit your site. But you’re also making additional posts to get some search engine love. These new posts are pushing the link to your sales/review page further and further down the page. It you don’t do something, many people won’t even see all the hard work you’ve put into your action page.

There are several ways to make a post “sticky” and keep it right on top of the first page. WordPress makes it extremely easy to do this but it’s a bit hidden so some bloggers don’t even know it exists.

When you are creating or editing a post, you’ll see the visibility option as below.


Click on the edit link and you get the option to make the post sticky like this…WP_Visibility_Option_2

Simply check the box that says “Stick this post to the front page” and it’s there!

Update or publish the post and check it. Now all your hard work is displayed right up front on the first page of your blog for all the world to see. And hopefully be so excited about your offers that they will click on through to your money pages and help your bottom line!

If you’re not using WordPress you may be out of luck, but try a search for “your blogging platform” and “sticky”, e.g. “blogger sticky”. I just did that and found several ways to do it.

So make your favorite posts sticky and be sure to keep your offers right there on the first page to insure the best visibility and best opportunities for increased sales!

Until next time, wishing you success in everything you do!


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