This is a fair question. If you are blogging to make money you should at least know how much money can be expected. I mean, why do it if it’s not worth it to you? Right?

But this is not an easy question to answer. It depends entirely on you. There are a lot of variables to be considered. How much time do you have to maintain your blog? How much quality original content can you come up with? The last thing you want to do is to spend tons of time creating and maintaining your blog only to find out in the end that you could have made just as much working at McDonalds! 🙂

The great thing about blogs is, if you select your niche well, the amount of money you can make is nearly unlimited. There are people making 6 figures with blogs. Granted, most have more than one blog, but there are a few that concentrate on one niche, one blog, and do very well.

The keys to having a very successful money-making blog are basically pretty simple.

1. Choose your niche well. It is much easier to blog about something you have a genuine interest in and are passionate about. It takes all the work out of it and nothing is more fun than getting paid for something you love to do. Or if you have an interest that you just haven’t got around to learning yet, pick that. You will learn about that interest while blogging about it and if others are interested they will follow your blog to learn about it as well. It saves them time while still supplying their want or need to learn about your niche.

You do not have to be an expert in your niche to have a successful blog. Several blogs I read regularly are by people who are just starting out in a particular niche. They blog about the things they learn along the way and I get a condensed digest of the things they have discovered. It saves me time and makes my learning curve a little less steep.

2. Make sure you are monetizing your blog well. This warrants a whole category and I bet if you look in the categories link you’ll find one! 🙂

Give your readers what they want and supply them with things they need. The whole reason they are reading your blog is to get information. So give them what they want. If you’re blogging about Plasma TVs, make sure you have a link or ad somewhere on the page allowing them to purchase a Plasma TV. Common sense? 🙂

3. Promote, Promote, Promote! In the early days of the internet there weren’t many people or websites trying to make money.

As a matter of fact it was met with more than a little resistance. Us old-schoolers were used to everything on the internet being free. Ah… the good old days. 🙂 You could build a site and people would come.

Now there are thousands and thousands of websites covering just about anything you can imagine. It’s getting harder and harder to get noticed. You need to promote on a consistent basis in order to get traffic. Luckily, only the serious bloggers are using traffic generating methods effectively and consistently. This makes the competition much more manageable. 🙂 Again, look to the category list for promotional ideas.

4. There are thousands of methods to make money online. Don’t give up! This is the biggest key to making it online no matter what method you choose. Up to 99% of fledgling online marketers try one or two things for a couple weeks to a month, and then when they haven’t seen any sales, they give up. I’ll make this promise to you right now, start a blog, work with it consistently for a year, post often, monetize well, and you WILL make money with it period!

Until next time,
To your success!

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