When you are first starting out with a marketing blog it’s easy to be overwhelmed. But once you’ve got your feet wet things become much easier and fun! Like any other online marketing endeavor, blog marketing takes some work and self discipline. Where blogging differs is you have to be more consistent with your updates and posts in order to keep your readers interested. It also takes time for blogs to build up a following and rankings in the search engines. This may make it seem like you are doing a lot of work for nothing in the beginning. Just by staying with it and continuing to write valuable posts and marketing your blog on a daily (or at least weekly basis) will put you way ahead of those that drop out early.

Most of the things you can do to build your blog readership and make money with your blog are common sense. But for those that are new to blog marketing, I’ll go over a few of the most important techniques.

1. Number one is ALWAYS… post often and post valuable unique content. No one is going to visit your blog if you only update it once a month. No matter how good your content is they will forget about you. It is much harder to get someone to your blog initially than it is to keep them coming back. So post valuable content and post often! Once a week is good, once a day is better. 🙂

2. Post on other related blogs daily. This may seem counter-productive but you will be surprised at how much traffic and ranking you can get from this. Don’t just post comments to get a link back either. Too many bloggers think that the quantity of links back to their blog is the key. They will post something like, “nice post” then move on to the next and do the same thing. Even if that’s all you have to say about the post, at least make your comment a couple sentences and bring up a specific thing you liked about the post. Better yet, post something of value, a new related idea, a different take on the subject, or even a respectful disagreement. This will show that you actually read the post and have something of value to add. When others come later and see your comment they will be much more likely to click on your link to see what else you have to say.

3. When someone posts a comment on your blog, take the time to reply. This is especially true if they have added value to your post with their comment. Most people will check back to see if there has been any replies to their comment and if there has been no response it will seem to them that their comment has fallen on deaf ears. No one wants to be the only one in a conversation. 🙂 Do this and you will be ahead of 50% of the blogs out there. People (including me) tend to feel important when their comment is appreciated and replied to.

4. Network with other bloggers. Especially those with related interests. Of course it’s better if those bloggers are complimentary rather than competition. For instance, if your blog is about pet diets, an ideal blogging friend would maybe have a blog about pet health issues. These two go hand in hand and there is some overlap but there is also enough subject matter in each to stand on it’s own. Always think partnerships as well. Sometimes when you have an ideal situation like the example above you can have a very successful link exchange and cross promote each other’s offerings. And if you want to take this one step further, create the second blog yourself and reap the benefits from both blogs. Then find another related and complimentary subject (pet drugs?) and link them all together. By creating a separate blog for each of these sub-niches you will get highly targeted traffic with the added potential of being able to direct the same traffic between your blogs.

5. Track all of your traffic. This is probably the most undervalued and overlooked part of blog marketing. You NEED to know where your traffic is coming from in order to fine tune and capitalize on these sources. If you have a WordPress blog there is a free plugin for Google Analytics that gives you great reports on inbound traffic including what keywords were used if the visit came from a search. This is vital information that most bloggers do not even consider. Track everything and you’ll quickly see patterns of where most of your visitors are coming from and with little more work you can see where your sales are coming from which is paramount.

6. Test your monetization methods. If you’re monetizing your blog with nothing except Adsense, try putting and ad for a clickbank product or a Amazon affiliate link somewhere on the page. Does it convert as well or better than adsense? If so, you should devote more real estate to the monetization method that gives the best profits. This is common sense but again, 50% of the bloggers out there don’t do this simple thing. They get into the mindset that Adsense is the only way to make money with their blog and concentrate one hundred percent of their promotion efforts to that end. Little do they realize that they could be serving their readers and themselves better by offering affiliate products with or instead of just Adsense ads. Don’t forget to move your ads, whether they be Adsense or affiliate offerings, around on your page from time to time and test the results. Sometimes 100 to 200% increases in revenue can be had by using this very simple technique.

Blogging can be a great way to make extra money while at the same time giving your readership something they need. Whether you’re just looking for some extra spending money, I call it funny money :), or if you’re looking for a full time 6 figure income from blogging, following the tips above will make success much easier.

Above everything else, keep providing valuable content!

To your success!


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  1. Check Your Page Rank on June 5th, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    Finally someone who can write a good blog ! . This is the kind of information that is useful to those want to increase their SERP’s. I loved your post and will be telling others about it. Subscribing to your RSS feed now. Thanks

  2. Blog Meister on June 15th, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    Thanks so much!

    I’m a little embarrassed that I’ve been neglecting this blog (I have a BUNCH! :)), especially in that I made the point of posting often in this very post!

    I have been testing some things on other blogs and will report here later this week.

    Just checked out your site checkserps.com…. NICE!!! Really handy tool and great domain name. Nice job! I will bookmark it and spread the word.

    Thanks again!

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