It’s no surprise to anyone that the search engines love blogs. But why?
Let’s start at square one. The search engines are in the business of making money. How do they make money?

With traffic.
Plain and simple.

How do they get and retain people using their search engine? By giving the searcher the information they are looking for. Remember there are hundreds if not thousands of search engines out there. Of course there are only a few major players and we all know who they are. 🙂

Say you did a search for widgets. If you find exactly what you’re looking for on the first page of the results consistently, you are more likely to continue using that particular search engine. Common sense, no?
So it’s only by returning the best quality search results that the search engines can get and retain people/traffic. It follows that the more people using the search engine allows them to charge more for advertising space (think Adwords).

So how do you get the major search engines to love your blog and rank it on the first page of the results? By catering to people searching for quality information! SEO is all fine and dandy and a certain amount almost has to be done. But concentrating to heavily on SEO takes away from the real goal, which is to provide unique quality content for your readers.

If you’re just starting a blog here’s a tip that will separate you from the pack. Forget about SEO altogether until you have at least 20-30 good quality posts on your blog.

One of the biggest problems I see when reading some blogs is you can immediately tell that it was written with SEO and not the reader in mind. Targeted keywords are scattered throughout the post, which, in extreme cases make the post nearly unreadable.

This might be great for getting to the first page in the search engines for those keywords quickly, but you won’t be there very long. I can and have taken a brand new blog with one post and put it in the top 4 results in Google in less than 24 hours. However, 48 hours later it had fallen into no man’s land at page 10. If you’re promoting an affiliate product’s launch, maybe you’re not concerned with longevity. (hint hint..) 🙂

However, the point of this post is to get and retain traffic just as the search engines do. So provide unique, quality content, and put SEO on the back burner for the time being. By leaving SEO out-of-sight/out-of-mind you’ll naturally be creating the kind of content that will gain you much long term love from the search engines.

So get out there and write a killer post and let me know where it is and I’ll give it a read!

Until next time… good luck in everything you do!

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