What could be better than the WordPress post editor? How about being able to create and edit posts right from your desktop? True WYSIWYG with many options that make picture placement a breeze, handling multimedia child’s play, and posting into the future as easy as pie.


Get all this and more with Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer (WLW). I tried other desktop blog editors but couldn’t find any that fit my strict criteria.

  • It has to be intuitive
  • It has to be quick
  • It has to have spell-check 🙂
  • It has to handle pictures and multimedia easily
  • It must be able to be installed on a USB drive
  • It has to be able to handle multiple blogs
  • It has to be able to handle different blog platforms
  • It must have a preview to see exactly how the post will look
  • It has to be free (what can I say, I’m a cheap SOB!)

What are the chances of getting one application that will do all this? I was beginning to wonder until I tried WLW. Now that I’ve set up a few blogs with it I can say I think I’ve found the holy grail of desktop blog editor/publishers.

I should mention that I also really liked Blogjet and would have bought it if it could have been loaded on a USB (portable) drive. There is a workaround to get it loaded on a USB drive but alas spell-check does not work in that configuration, and I’d seriously lose readers without it! 🙂

Another honorable mention is Zoundry Raven but development has been falling off lately and it’s hard to tell if it will be kept up to date.

So WLW is now loaded on my trusty USB stick on my keychain and I couldn’t be happier. I write when the urge strikes and I’m not always connected when that happens.

Here are a few of the features:

  • It supports most blog platforms: WordPress (my favorite), Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, Moveable Type, Windows Live Spaces, and a few others. It has automatic configuration to make it as easy as pointing to your blog’s URL and entering the admin’s username and password.
  • Spell-checker: Spell-check is handled on the fly just like a word-processor. I NEED THIS! 🙂
  • Built-in support for Categories and Tags: With blog platforms like WordPress you and manage categories and tags including adding new categories and tags on the fly!
  • Image handling: You can add images to your posts without having to upload them first. You can also position the photo and wrap text several ways with the click of a radio button.  Add to this the ability to resize, shadow border, and add alt tags and it makes it a pleasure to include images in your posts.
  • Schedule posts in the future: This I like. I have lots of articles that I need to get posted and its much easier when I can do a bunch at a time and schedule them out into the future. I can also post them to as many of my blogs as I want. Nice.
  • Preview: I love the preview feature. When you first connect to your blog you can download the styles and from then on the preview feature uses that style to display your post EXACTLY how its going to look on your live blog regardless of whether you are connected or not.
  • Hyperlinks: It allows you to easily link to old posts (or external sites) and you can set the links to open in a new window and or be nofollow with a couple clicks.
  • Drafts: Of course it wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t handle drafts correctly. You can either save your drafts locally or upload them to your server. You can also repost an old entry with an updated timestamp.
  • Plugins: There are many plugins available.

All in all, Windows Live Writer does a lot of things and it does them well. It makes my blogging easier and I need all the help I can get!

It’s free so if you feel like it could help you as well give it a shot. If you’re anything like me you’ll soon wonder how you lived without it for so long!

You can download it here… Windows Live Writer

Until next time,

Here’s wishing you success with everything you do!


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